I’m an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in my studio in the UK. I graduated with a BA in Art History with a minor in Communications from the University of Georgia.

In Paris, I studied figure drawing for three years with the ADAC studios and a semester of oil painting at the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. I completed my Masters in Fine Art at Bath Spa University in the UK where my exhibition resulted in a sell-out show.

I studied graphic design at Shillington London and my design portfolio is on Behance. I continued my art training in Kyoto, Japan. My work features in private collections around the world and I show my art both locally and internationally in exhibitions, galleries, and art fairs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact about any artwork, illustration work and graphic design you are interested in using the contact me form on this website. You can follow me on my social media links such as Instagram and Twitter to hear about my latest news, paintings and exhibitions.


I only use the finest professional materials for everything from the stretchers, canvas, primer, mediums, paint pigments and varnish to ensure each artwork will last thousands of years. - Carol Denn


I create contemporary oil paintings with collage on linen canvas and illustrations on paper and products. I invent visual narratives with paint, gold leaf and collage relating to themes around nature, identity and my travel to places like New England, USA coastlines, oceans and plants of Hawaii, Japan and the marinas in the UK.

The sandy-colored raw linen and any collage elements are fully protected with a clear primer which allows it to remain visible and a feature in this work. You can get a sense of the scale of my paintings with the exhibition images of my artwork on the exhibitions page.

Negative space or space between elements is featured in my art. It is not only what you add but also what you choose to leave out that makes a seemingly simple artwork complex in the planning and execution process.

References to nature can be found throughout my work and one example is a painting depicting antlers in paint in response to the growing concern the world is facing with regards to the environment. I also explore themes around identity when representing people.

I am inspired by my travels to coastlines and marinas in my area and also around the world to places such as Hawaii, New England, California and the south of the USA and Japan.

Seeing Japanese art first hand and the culture in Japan helped my practice as an artist and more fully understand the influence Japan has had on my art. I was able to study with 5 different master artists in Kyoto, Japan. The Japanese origami washi paper and marbled paper I use in my collage in my paintings bring a sense of pattern, texture, handmade craft, tradition and history to the work.



Master’s Circle, Exhibition, Salem Arts Association, Salem, MA, USA, May 1 to June 25th 2021

Primavera, Exhibition, Salem Arts Association, Salem, MA, USA, May 1 to June 25th 2021

Imagination, Exhibition, Salem Arts Association, Salem, MA, USA, May 1 to June 25th 2021

Holiday Showcase and Heart of History 7 Gables Exhibitions, Salem Arts Association, Salem, MA, USA Nov 9 – Dec. 20th 2020
Right Angle Picture Framing, Corsham, UK September 24 – Oct 7th
Alice 3.0 Exhibition, Museum of Oxford, Oxford, UK June 7 – Sept 6th,
RUH Hospital in Bath Art Exhibition, Bath, UK July 25 – Oct 16th,
Black Swan Arts, Divas Gallery, Frome, UK Jan. – Feb 8th, 2014,
Fringe Arts Festival Bath, England Bloodlines exhibition
Black Swan Arts, Divas Gallery, Frome, UK Dec. 2013
Black Swan Arts, Frome, UK August 2012
Fringe Arts Festival Bath, UK
Open Competition chosen by Art in England magazine
Open Studios Art Trail, Frome Festival, Frome, UK
Cameron Contemporary Art, Affordable Art Fair Bristol, UK
Open Studios Art Trail, Frome Festival, Frome, UK
Rook Lane Retro, Rook Lane Arts, Frome, UK
Retro Rook Lane Art Fair, Frome, UK
Rook Lane Arts, Frome, UK
Autumn Art Exhibition RUH hospital in Bath, UK
Consuming Nature, The Octagon, Milsom Place, Bath, UK
6@TheOctagon, Fringe Arts Festival Bath, UK
Masters of Fine Art Exhibition, Bath Spa University, resulting in a sell-out show
MA Interim Show, School Gallery, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK
2007 L’Horizon, Monaco

Private Commissions

2008-2009 collage painting consisting of 9 smaller canvases hinged together Private Collection, 5 portrait commissions two of which were double portraits Private Collection


2019 Sumi-e Ink Drawing, Art Calligraphy, Large room size Calligraphy, Fabric wax resist dye and Gold repair to ceramics in Kyoto, Japan by 5 different Master artists

2015 Shillington College Graphic Design, London

2007- 2008 MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University, England resulting in a sell-out show followed by sales, commissions & exhibitions

2003-5 Three years of figure/life drawing study at the Lycee Henri IV Paris, ADAC studio, working in oil, pastels, and charcoal

2003-4 Attended weekly Art History Conferences at L’Ecole du Louvre Paris

2003 Semester of oil painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris

2000 BA in Art History minor in Communications
University of Georgia, USA

1998 Study Abroad in Paris through Wells College, Life Drawing and photography at Parsons College, Paris